Friday, January 7, 2011

The Inspiration for SCA Sisters!

Our SCA Sisters

Please allow us the priviledge of introducing OUR SCA sisters--the inspirations for this mentoring program.

Ashlyn's "Big Sister" Priscilla :
When I (Ashlyn) was about ten, I had a big interest in competitive speech and debate and really looked up to an older SCA girl who was a part of the SCARLET team. Priscilla was so gracious to reach out to me over the years when she was a high school student at SCA, and even while she attended Patrick Henry College. Over the years, Priscilla took the time to help me to write debate cases, to write me notes of encouragement, and to do a summer Bible Study with me. I remember feeling so proud to be invited to her 16th birthday party when I was only eleven! And, most recently, I felt honored to recieve a phone call from her right after her engagement, and to attend her wedding. To this day, Priscilla is a role model and close friend to me. This adopted “sister” and several older SCA friends have had a great amount of influence on my walk with the Lord and my life in general.

Priscilla and Ashlyn in 2008
Priscilla and Ashlyn now

TessaJoy's "Big Sister" Christy :
I (Tessa) have attended SCA’s Forest Home Family Camp for many years with my family. It was there that I met an older SCA student, Christy. She has been such an encouragement to me over the past 4 years, even though she is years about six years older than I am. We are both swimmers, and she has taken the time to work with me on my strokes. She has taken me shopping and “spoiled” me by buying me clothes. More than once she has attended my swim meets to cheer me on. What especially stands out to me is the time that she came a long ways to give me encouragement the first time that I had to race a mile. I was so nervous, but just being with her before the race, and seeing her jumping up and down in excitement while I swam was a huge encouragement to me. Christy has written me notes and talked with me on the phone about whatever is on my mind. I am so grateful for Christy and for other kind-hearted girls who have shared their lives with me.

Christy and TessaJoy 2008

Christy and TessaJoy now

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